This section describes how to obtain RK-opt and test that it is working correctly.


  • MATLAB 7.X or greater
  • MATLAB optimization toolbox

Optional dependencies

Obtaining RK-opt

After unzipping/cloning, add the subdirectory RK-opt/RKtools to your MATLAB path.

Testing your installation

You can test your RK-opt installation with xUnit.

Installing xUnit

The MATLAB xUnit test framework can be downloaded for free at (after the link, click on the button in the upper right corner). An easy way to install xUnit without setting any environment variables is to add the following lines to your startup.m file:

addpath /path/to/matlab/xunit/matlab_xunit
addpath /path/to/matlab/xunit/matlab_xunit/xunit
addpath /path/to/RK-opt/RK-coeff-opt

Running the tests

To run the tests, do the following in MATLAB:

>> cd /path/to/RK/Opt/general/test
>> runtests

If everything is set up correctly, this will run several tests, and inform you that the tests passed. At present the tests are not very extensive.

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