Postdoctoral Positions

I currently have an opening for a postdoctoral researcher. Depending on the interests and expertise of the applicant, research in this position may be purely theoretical, heavily computational, or somewhere in between. Current areas of research in the group include:

  • Structure-preserving numerical time integrators
  • Structure-preserving discretizations of hyperbolic PDEs
  • Analysis and computation of novel water wave phenomena
  • Optimal control in epidemiology

Examples of current and past research in the group can be found on the Publications page linked above. Postdoctoral fellows in the group are expected to take an active role in determining the direction of their own research and have the opportunity to work closely with MS and doctoral students.

Candidates should have a PhD in applied mathematics or a closely-related field and expertise in numerical analysis, PDEs, and/or scientific computing. The position includes a highly competitive tax-free salary as well as free housing and health insurance, along with generous funding for computing equipment and conference travel. The position is renewable for up to three years. Please send a CV and research statement to

Ph.D. Fellowships

Outstanding students with a BS or MS are invited to apply for a Ph.D. fellowship within the Numerical Mathematics Group. Please contact me by e-mail as you submit your application through the KAUST admissions website. You should include a sample publication or other demonstration of your research and writing.
Potential thesis topics include all areas of research mentioned on our Research page. A degree in mathematics (applied or pure), physics, engineering, or a related field is required, as are excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
Applicants possessing a Master’s degree will begin the Ph.D. program immediately, while applicants with a Bachelor’s degree only will be expected to complete KAUST Master’s degree requirements first. KAUST students receive a competitive stipend, as well as benefits including housing and insurance. Students in our group are provided with generous professional travel funding for conferences and collaborative work.
Students in our group interact closely with collaborators at international partner institutions and present results of their work at major international conferences. No teaching duties are required of KAUST Ph.D. students, although teaching opportunities may be provided if desired.

Visiting student research projects

Outstanding students currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's program are invited to apply for a visiting student position within the Numerical Mathematics Group. Visiting student positions enable the student to undertake a focused research project during the summer or some other period of 3-6 months, at KAUST. The goal is to make a significant research advance, often leading to publication in an international journal. Please contact us by e-mail to apply.


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